Training Season 2018

Just around the corner, coming to a lot on the north side of Fredericton AND a lot in Oromocto, Ron will begin offering 6-week obedience courses for dogs 5 months and older. Hoping to get started early April 2018 as the weather cooperates. More details are being ironed out this week, so please stay tuned!

You can reach Ron directly, by email at or at (506) 260-2015. You can also keep up to date by following Ron’s Facebook page¬†Ron Murray at Leidenschaft Kennels.

If your dog is making you crazy, it’s time to take advantage of Ron’s FORTY YEARS experience! (yes he’s THAT old!) ūüėČ

March 2018

While Momma N and Old Man Winter wage great battles this month, Ron and I are still very busy with our pack! The K-litter Kids are 14 weeks old now and are growing and learning every day. They are all sleeping in crates through the night and sharing time in the house with Bermuda Blue! They are learning to go up and down stairs, watching hockey on TV, chewing and sharing bones and toys, and snippets of dumbbell training and of course, prey bite work.

Health wise, everyone is doing great! They’ve had their second course of vaccinations plus rabies and bordatella. They are ready to ship now other than to the US, we won’t be able to ship until March 28 as per their import regulations.

We are excited to announce that Khira von der Leidenschaft is in her forever home now, and will be staying local, and training with our IPO club, The Sirius Working Dog Association!  

As of March 11, 2018 we still have 6 females and 1 male available. Waiting for their forever homes are:

Khaos – male – busy, confident, loves to bite, would suit experienced companion home but would love to see this boy in IPO/Schutzhund or something of the like.

Kwest – female – dominant in the pack, independent natured. This pup is being reserved for a working home.

Kaper – female – busy, sassy, confident. This puppy will need an active and experienced home to keep her out of trouble! Kaper has enough attitude to be a great IPO/Schutzhund or other type of working environment.

Kacey – female – also busy, fun loving, and confident. This puppy will also need an active home. Kacey would make an awesome flyball or agility dog.

Kricket Рfemale Рa bit calmer than the three listed above. This puppy would make a great companion, but definitely has the confidence and energy to need some structured activity.

Kree Рfemale Рoutgoing and friendly, Kree will make a great companion and competition dog.

Kora – female – the love bug of the litter! Kora will be a great family companion, and still has plenty of confidence and energy to do structured activities.

To see photos, videos, and frequent updates on the litter, follow us on Instagram @leidenschaftkennels or join our K-litter Facebook group. 

K-Kids are 11 weeks old! Puppies still available!

Yes we still have TEN puppies in our care! If you don’t think it’s a busy life, come on out for a visit! ūüėČ

Of the ten, we still have seven females and one male available to approved homes. Why do we still have so many at 11 weeks old? I have a few theories.

1) It’s been 5.5 years since we bred a litter (not for lack of trying!) and many of our followers have moved on, or moved to other breeds! I know, I don’t get it either!

2) It’s WINTER!!! Puppies are more work in the winter! Yeah, tell us about it! But, after a 5.5 year absence, and Glock being 8 years young, we felt it was¬†mating we couldn’t pass up.

3) We’re fussy about our forever homes. Believe me, I’ve turned down dozens already.

4) We had such a large number of females (both males were spoken for, one fell through) and of course, it never fails people want what you don’t have!

Puppy registration papers are going in the mail today, so their registered names are set in stone. You can call them what you wish should you choose one of these wonderful characters. I’m going to group them by temperament. I don’t have current photos, will try to get some this weekend. They are harder to wrangle as their confidence grows! I do have some video clips taken earlier this week. See the links below.

Schnowballs and Schnauzers!

Dog Fishing!

A Mild Winter Day!

I have three categories these pups will fit in; Working Homes, Ambitious Homes, Companion Homes. Some of these pups could overlap, so my list could change as their personalities and experiences further develop.

Working Homes – Pups with strong drive and ATTITUDE!
These puppies will need a job to do, be it a sport like IPO, or a job in police service, search and rescue, etc. These puppies have strong drives and dominance in the pack.

Black Girl – now named Khira
Strong attitude, dominant in the litter. Great drives.

White Girl – now named Kwest
Large female, great drives, independent nature, always out in front.


Ambitious Homes – Pups with lots of confidence and drives!
These puppies are busy, confident, fun, and loving. Not quite a schnuggle bug because they bring a little more sass to the game. These puppies will make excellent sport dogs, but could also be conditioned to more calm activities such as therapy work, assistance dogs, etc. I do not rule out companion homes for these puppies, as I said, some can fit either category, but these ones will require an experienced and patient home.

Purple Girl – now named Kacey (Miss Racey)
Smaller female with sass galore! Kacey is always looking to lure her siblings in a game. She would love to have a canine companion in her new pack!

Green Girl – now named Kaper
Very similar in temperament to Kacey, but perhaps I tiny bit more independent. She also loves to hang out with the older dogs, so would be a good match for a home with a dog already present.

Purple Boy – now named Khaos
Another pup with great drives and confidence. Khaos would be an excellent choice for somebody new to dog sport or an active outdoors person. This boy loves to go on adventures!


Companion Homes – Pups with a little more laid back attitude!
These puppies are the love bugs of the pack. But don’t let that fool you in to thinking they are pushovers. They are just a little more calm than their littermates and best choices for people who imagine a more laid back companion.

Red Girl – now named Kree
This beauty is probably the calmest pup of the litter. Nothing fazes her. This puppy would be a great hospital visitor for somebody interested in volunteering, or with correct training, an assistance dog.

Pink Girl – now named Kricket
This pup is spirited and loving. She would be a great choice for an active family with children, or another dog.

Yellow Girl – now named Kora
This puppy is super affectionate. She is the only puppy in the litter who will leave her food dish for a schnuggle! She’s a larger female who would be a great match for someone wanting a cuddler.

Puppy Questionnaires are being vetted every day. Please complete one if you’d like to be considered for one of these beauties.

A Great Adventure with the K-kids!

Puppies are a LOT of work, and 10 puppies¬†are TEN TIMES the work! But, if we’re to put quality working dogs out in the world, the work has to be done. They need constant stimuli and confidence building experiences.

We are blessed to own 13.5 acres of private land with our home at one end, and a beautiful forest with a blazed trail up to our 2 acre groomed training field at the other end. The only thing missing is a building for all season training! Perhaps, one day.

K-kids heading back to the woods after their adventure at the training field.

K-kids heading back to the woods after their adventure at the training field.

Today was a milder than normal day for us in NB, so a perfect opportunity to get the pack (minus Blue Boy aka Knox) for a long stretch of their legs. Dad led the pack while I brought up the rear, having to retrieve stragglers multiple times. Once we got to the field everyone had a good run. We made our way to the top of the field where the obstacle course is, and the pack checked out multiple tunnels, a low beam, the A-frame, and a game of “chase me, I’ve stolen a pylon.”

Some of these “kids” are already spoken for; we’re holding some for new owner scheduling, one for import regulations, and others we’re just¬†TRYING to figure out shipping arrangements. GAH!!! Airlines, could you help a breeder out some? :(

However, the puppies who remain yet to be spoken for, need the work if they’re to be good dogs rather than problems. This is why our prices go UP, not down the longer they’re with us. You will get a quality puppy with exposure to lots of positive experiences and people.

A link to the album with photos and videos of today’s GREAT ADVENTURE is HERE! Please share with people who love puppies, working dogs, dogs in general. :) Thanks!

Updated January 31, 2018. The K-Litter Kids are 8 weeks old and READY for their new forever homes!

The “kids” are eight weeks old today, and in fact, we’ve already kicked Blue Boy aka Knox “to the kurb”! ūüėČ He was picked up today to go live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and potentially be the next Giant Schnauzer police dog in Canada.

Below are photos taken today, with weights taken at Monday’s vet visit. They received their first vaccinations as well as their permanent microchip implants. Everyone got a perfect check up, with excellent scissor bites, beautiful joint range of motion, perfect heart and lung sounds, and all bits and pieces in the right places i.e. the boys’ testicles are present! ūüėČ

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Purple Boy is now available, as well we still have several girls. If you’re interested in a puppy from this litter, please complete our online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.¬†We are still deciding on placement of the various females, so will be updating this page as those determinations¬†are made.

***Please note that our ‚Äúkids‚ÄĚ do not get discounted the longer we have them, in fact their price goes up after 12 weeks due to the additional costs of vetting and feeding, as well as the extra training and socializing they receive.***


Purple Girl ~ Now named Kacey ~Still available


Weight: 4.71 kg ~ 10.4 lbs

Attitude: Purple Girl remains a sassy lass! Lots of confidence, quick to bite anything offered. Will suit an experienced, active, companion home or is definitely up for any sport/activity/working venture you can dream up!


**SOLD** Blue Girl ~ Now named Kahlua, call name Blue.
Blue is eventually going to live in Bermuda, but due to their import laws, she will remain with us and begin training in IPO until her new humans pick her up in October.



Weight: 5.15 kg ~ 11.3 lbs

Attitude: FIERCE! Blue Girl remains a dominant “bitch” (both literally and figuratively) in the litter. She is always latched on with her teeth, and loses it on any other pup who interferes. She is being considered for a working home pending final arrangements.


Green Girl –¬†Now named Kaper ~ Still available



Weight: 4.5 kg ~ 10 lbs

Attitude: Green Girl/ Kaper (name not set in stone YET!) is a fun loving girl who would suit a multi-dog home easily. Every time she goes out the door she runs to greet her Momma, Daddy, Aunt, and Uncle. She spends a good 5 minutes visiting with them in their kennels before she follows her siblings in to the adventures of the day. She is loving, and adventurous, but busy and will need to be doing something structured. FYI, the vet says her Krooked tail causes her no discomfort at all. :)


Red Girl ~ Name being considered. Still available.



Weight: 4.72 kg ~ 10.4 lbs

Attitude: Red Girl continues to be a confident, busy, and loving pup. She is outgoing, without the “asstitude” of some of her more dominant siblings. She loves adventure but given her more amenable temperament, could suit either a companion or performance home.


**SOLD** Orange Girl –¬†Now named Kaia. Kaia will be heading to the west coast March 1st.



Weight 4.92 kg ~ 10.8 lbs

Attitude: Orange is a love bug. She’s confident and outgoing, but without the sass and dominant nature of some of her litter mates, in other words, calm. She will suit a companion home,¬†performance home, or perhaps with the right handler, a therapy dog.


Purple Boy ~ Now named Khaos. Still available.  



Weight: 3.95 kg ~ 8.7 lbs

Attitude: Purple Boy is loving and affectionate, with lots of great drives! Smaller than his litter mates, but he doesn’t take back seat to anyone. He is now available, and would suit an active companion home, or performance home.


Pink Girl ~ Name being considered. Still available.



Weight: 4.83 kg ~ 10.6 lbs

Attitude: Pink Girl is GETTING one! She’s becoming far more dominant in her litter as they age. She is also showing a bit of an independent nature; exploring more on her own. She will do best with an experienced handler and some structured activity.


Yellow Girl ~ Name being considered, still available.



Weight: 5.65 kg ~ 12.4 lbs

Attitude: Yellow is being considered one of the BIG Three with attitude. She’s a larger female with dominance in the litter. She likes to be latched on to your leg, or other body parts, at any given time. This girl should definitely have a “job” to do.


**SOLD** Blue Boy – Now named Knox. Knox is being trained in K9 crime fighting with hopes of following his uncle #PSDTyr in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Police Dog Services.



Weight: 5.29 kg ~ 11.6 lbs

Attitude: Blue Boy is confident and outgoing, and will potentially be the 2nd Giant Schnauzer police dog in Canada under the tutelage of his uncle #PSDTyr in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Knox left the nest tonight, and is hopefully boarding soon for his flight with his new human. Safe Travels.


Black Girl ~ Name being considered, still available.



Weight: 5.52 kg ~ 12.1 lbs

Attitude: #Trouble #asstitude This girl needs a JOB! Almost sent her home with Knox to be Tyr’s new roomie! ūüėČ This girl requires an experienced working home.


White Girl ~ Name being considered, still available.



Weight: 5.98 kg ~ 13.2 lbs

Attitude: Still the largest of the litter, White Girl is confident and outgoing, and while she’ll assert herself when she needs to, is not as in your face snotty as Blue and Black. She will do best in an experienced home where there is a job to do.

Seven Wonderful Weeks Old!

Good morning from the K-kids! :) This is a big week coming up, vet visit on Monday for their first vaccinations and microchips, and arranging for the first bunch to go to their new homes! We are still screening for the correct homes for these beauties. We take puppy placement very seriously, so we ask a lot of questions! We want to know what your lifestyle REALLY looks like so we can place the correct temperament for you. Imagine the nightmare of a high driving puppy in a couch potato home?! Not good for anyone involved.

If you’re interested in a pup from this litter (females still available) please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.¬†Thank you.


Now for something fun! :) Ron had the pups out in the “schnow” for their first real adventure. It’s been so bitterly cold (or +13 and pouring RAIN) that we’ve not been able to get them outdoors much.¬†Here are a couple of videos he took yesterday. You can view them via the links below.

First Adventure 4:11 minutes

Second Adventure 2:21 minutes


The K-Litter Kids at 6-weeks! :)

The “kids” are six weeks old as of Thursday, January 11, 2018. Their personalities are emerging and it’s time to start recording individual drives, attitudes, etc. See below in birth order, a photo, and brief description of each puppy. If you are interested in one of the girls (boys are spoken for) please complete our online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.
The K-Kids are ready for their forever homes beginning January 25th.

***Please note that our “kids” do not get discounted the longer we have them, in fact their price goes up after 12 weeks due to the additional costs of vetting and feeding, as well as the extra training and socializing they receive.***


Purple Girl

Weight: 7 pounds

Attitude: Purple Girl is confident and outgoing with a bit of a “don’t mess with me” attitude. She will initiate conflict and will certainly not back down. At this time I would say Working Home for this girl.


Blue Girl


Weight: 8.5 pounds

Attitude: This girl has SASS galore! She is very dominant in the litter and with people. She’s not going to be suitable for a “faint of heart” owner. This girl will need structure and work to do!


Green Girl


Weight: 7 pounds

Attitude: Green Girl, nicknamed Kaper, is a confident, outgoing puppy, with a bit of an anomaly. The tip of her tail was broken at birth or shortly thereafter. She could also be named Krook for the hook! ūüėČ Regardless, she is a happy puppy with just enough sass to¬†make her interesting. She could go companion or working, but she will definitely need activity and structure.


Red Girl


Weight: 7 pounds

Attitude: This beauty (okay, please point me to the ugly one!) is happy, confident, and outgoing. She’s neither the stick nor the bear, so can suit an active companion home or definitely a sport or working environment.


Orange Girl


Weight: 7.5 pounds

Attitude: Orange Girl is a happy, and friendly puppy with loads of confidence. She’s busy, but not showing a strong dominance in the pack so far. She will suit an active companion home or sport/working environment as she seems happy to please.


Purple Boy


Weight: 5.5 pounds

Attitude: Purple Boy might be the smallest, but he is big on attitude! He’s used to standing his ground and getting what he needs! He’s making steady gains in his weight and I can’t see his small size at this early age being a detriment. This pup is spoken for.


Pink Girl


Weight: 7.5 pounds

Attitude: Pink Girl is busy! She’s fun, sassy, and affectionate. Will suit an active companion home or sport/working home.


Yellow Girl


Weight: 8.5 pounds

Attitude: Yellow Girl is one of the more dominant in the litter. She is busy and confident. She also has the size to push some of the others around, although she’s been put down by Purple Boy when he’s had enough! ūüėČ This girl would be happiest in a sport/working home.


Blue Boy


Weight: 7.5 pounds

Attitude: Blue Boy is unfazed by the chaos around him. He has his agenda and doesn’t get caught up in scraps and scuffles. The term “bomb proof” comes to mind, but it’s a little early yet for that assessment! ūüėČ He’s spoken for as well.


Black Girl


Weight: 8 pounds

Attitude: Black Girl is up there with the chicks with attitude! ūüėČ Adventurous with an extra side of SASS, she’s not to be messed with in the pack. We’d like a challenging environment for this girl!


White Girl


Weight: 9.5 pounds

Attitude: The largest pup of the litter, White Girl is alternatively resting and growing, and then putting the smash down on everyone else. At this time I’d say she is best suited for a sport/working home.


Giant Schnauzer Puppies For Sale ~ Pure Black, Canadian Kennel Club Registered, European Working Lines

Females are still available from this litter of 2 males, 9 females. Preference to performance homes.

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.


Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH – OFA Hips Good – OFA Elbows Normal – CAER (eyes) Normal


Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 – OFA Hips Good – OFA Elbows Normal – CAER (eyes) Normal



Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3¬†is an eight year old male from our first German import Ghira vom Klingsgarten, and our own Degen von der Leidenschaft. Both Ghira and Degen achieved their “3s” in the sport, always with pronounced courage. Glock himself has done the same this past year after a 3 year absence from the sport due to handler injury.
Glock is a very assertive male with strong prey and defensive drives, and yet he has enough stability in temperament and nerve to be calm and loving with friends, family, and correctly introduced strangers. Glock is OFA certified Hips Good, and Elbows Normal, and CAER certified eyes tested Clear as well.


Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH¬†is a 2.5 year old German import bitch from the same kennel as Glock’s dam, Ghira. The Klingsgarten kennel is founded in police service dogs, owned and handled by Rolf Wassmuth. Rogue is a happy girl with excellent ball and food drives. She is attentive on the training field, confident in her skills, yet protective of her home until properly introduced to newcomers. Rogue’s IPO1 title was preempted this year by her heat cycle and our need to breed. She will continue her training in the spring. Rogue is OFA certified Hips Good, and Elbows Normal, and CAER certified eyes Clear.


Police Dogs in the family:¬†the extended pedigree above shows many working titles, but doesn’t always clearly show who the grit and grind dogs are. The ones who go out each day with their handlers, not knowing if they’ll see their next meal. We’re grateful to them, and their handlers.

PSD Tyr aka Hugo von der Leidenschaft ~¬†Tyr (Hugo) is Glock’s full brother, bred by us, owned and handled by Chad Malanowich of the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan PD.

PSD Tyr aka Hugo von der Leidenschaft

PSD Tyr aka Hugo von der Leidenschaft

DHP Gerry vom Klingsgarten ~¬†Gerry¬†was Glock’s maternal uncle – bred, owned, and handled by Rolf Wassmuth. There are videos of Gerry available here!

DHP Falk vom Weseler Wald ~ Falk appears on both sides of this pedigree Рowned, and handled by Rolf Wassmuth. More information about Falk is available here!


Our Amazing Giants!

Along with being amazing companion dogs for dozens of people over the years, Leidenschaft Giant Schnauzers have achieved distinction in many walks of life.
Many of our offspring have earned Schutzhund/IPO titles, many have topped the Flyball charts, with our kennel boasting 6 of the top 10 in North America! Several have become therapy dogs, visiting folks in the hospitals. One particular Giant, Chevy von der Leidenschaft, juggled an impressive Flyball career while being a mobility assistance dog to her owner. 

Of course I’d be lying if I denied our greatest pride is that our kennel busted past the GSD/Malinois mind set of most police organizations with Hugo von der Leidenschaft, AKA¬†#psdtyr!¬†¬†We owe his handler Chad a great deal, as he persisted both with the training and the campaigning for Tyr to be accepted. That said, NO dog becomes a police dog without courage and drives!¬†

Ron¬†and I would like to thank the many current and past owners of our offspring for providing them with great homes, and flexing their special talents. We’ve had a few missteps over the years, but for the most part we’ve done well with matching the temperament of the puppies with the requirements of the homes.
We also thank Rolf Waßmuth for trusting us with his bloodlines! His is our foundation.

We are looking forward to providing great puppies from this litter and litters to come. A puppy is an open book where you get to write the story. 

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.

November 2017 NEWS!!!

Well we just squeaked in to November… our K-LITTER has arrived! Born November 30, 2017, to Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 and Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH, 9 females and 2 males. See more details at Our Giant Schnauzers! Mom and 11 babes are doing amazing! Please check out our Facebook group to see the latest photos, videos, and updates. You can join us here:¬†K-litter Facebook Group

Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH with our K-litter. 9 females, 2 males. Born November 30, 2017

Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH with our K-litter. 9 females, 2 males. Born November 30, 2017

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