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Seven Wonderful Weeks Old!

Good morning from the K-kids! :) This is a big week coming up, vet visit on Monday for their first vaccinations and microchips, and arranging for the first bunch to go to their new homes! We are still screening for the correct homes for these beauties. We take puppy placement very seriously, so we ask a lot of questions! We want to know what your lifestyle REALLY looks like so we can place the correct temperament for you. Imagine the nightmare of a high driving puppy in a couch potato home?! Not good for anyone involved.

If you’re interested in a pup from this litter (females still available) please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire. Thank you.


Now for something fun! :) Ron had the pups out in the “schnow” for their first real adventure. It’s been so bitterly cold (or +13 and pouring RAIN) that we’ve not been able to get them outdoors much. Here are a couple of videos he took yesterday. You can view them via the links below.

First Adventure 4:11 minutes

Second Adventure 2:21 minutes


The K-Litter Kids at 6-weeks! :)

The “kids” are six weeks old as of Thursday, January 11, 2018. Their personalities are emerging and it’s time to start recording individual drives, attitudes, etc. See below in birth order, a photo, and brief description of each puppy. If you are interested in one of the girls (boys are spoken for) please complete our online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.
The K-Kids are ready for their forever homes beginning January 25th.

***Please note that our “kids” do not get discounted the longer we have them, in fact their price goes up after 12 weeks due to the additional costs of vetting and feeding, as well as the extra training and socializing they receive.***


Purple Girl

Weight: 7 pounds

Attitude: Purple Girl is confident and outgoing with a bit of a “don’t mess with me” attitude. She will initiate conflict and will certainly not back down. At this time I would say Working Home for this girl.


Blue Girl


Weight: 8.5 pounds

Attitude: This girl has SASS galore! She is very dominant in the litter and with people. She’s not going to be suitable for a “faint of heart” owner. This girl will need structure and work to do!


Green Girl


Weight: 7 pounds

Attitude: Green Girl, nicknamed Kaper, is a confident, outgoing puppy, with a bit of an anomaly. The tip of her tail was broken at birth or shortly thereafter. She could also be named Krook for the hook! 😉 Regardless, she is a happy puppy with just enough sass to make her interesting. She could go companion or working, but she will definitely need activity and structure.


Red Girl


Weight: 7 pounds

Attitude: This beauty (okay, please point me to the ugly one!) is happy, confident, and outgoing. She’s neither the stick nor the bear, so can suit an active companion home or definitely a sport or working environment.


Orange Girl


Weight: 7.5 pounds

Attitude: Orange Girl is a happy, and friendly puppy with loads of confidence. She’s busy, but not showing a strong dominance in the pack so far. She will suit an active companion home or sport/working environment as she seems happy to please.


Purple Boy


Weight: 5.5 pounds

Attitude: Purple Boy might be the smallest, but he is big on attitude! He’s used to standing his ground and getting what he needs! He’s making steady gains in his weight and I can’t see his small size at this early age being a detriment. This pup is spoken for.


Pink Girl


Weight: 7.5 pounds

Attitude: Pink Girl is busy! She’s fun, sassy, and affectionate. Will suit an active companion home or sport/working home.


Yellow Girl


Weight: 8.5 pounds

Attitude: Yellow Girl is one of the more dominant in the litter. She is busy and confident. She also has the size to push some of the others around, although she’s been put down by Purple Boy when he’s had enough! 😉 This girl would be happiest in a sport/working home.


Blue Boy


Weight: 7.5 pounds

Attitude: Blue Boy is unfazed by the chaos around him. He has his agenda and doesn’t get caught up in scraps and scuffles. The term “bomb proof” comes to mind, but it’s a little early yet for that assessment! 😉 He’s spoken for as well.


Black Girl


Weight: 8 pounds

Attitude: Black Girl is up there with the chicks with attitude! 😉 Adventurous with an extra side of SASS, she’s not to be messed with in the pack. We’d like a challenging environment for this girl!


White Girl


Weight: 9.5 pounds

Attitude: The largest pup of the litter, White Girl is alternatively resting and growing, and then putting the smash down on everyone else. At this time I’d say she is best suited for a sport/working home.


Giant Schnauzer Puppies For Sale ~ Pure Black, Canadian Kennel Club Registered, European Working Lines

Females are still available from this litter of 2 males, 9 females. Preference to performance homes.

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.


Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH – OFA Hips Good – OFA Elbows Normal – CAER (eyes) Normal


Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 – OFA Hips Good – OFA Elbows Normal – CAER (eyes) Normal



Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 is an eight year old male from our first German import Ghira vom Klingsgarten, and our own Degen von der Leidenschaft. Both Ghira and Degen achieved their “3s” in the sport, always with pronounced courage. Glock himself has done the same this past year after a 3 year absence from the sport due to handler injury.
Glock is a very assertive male with strong prey and defensive drives, and yet he has enough stability in temperament and nerve to be calm and loving with friends, family, and correctly introduced strangers. Glock is OFA certified Hips Good, and Elbows Normal, and CAER certified eyes tested Clear as well.


Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH is a 2.5 year old German import bitch from the same kennel as Glock’s dam, Ghira. The Klingsgarten kennel is founded in police service dogs, owned and handled by Rolf Wassmuth. Rogue is a happy girl with excellent ball and food drives. She is attentive on the training field, confident in her skills, yet protective of her home until properly introduced to newcomers. Rogue’s IPO1 title was preempted this year by her heat cycle and our need to breed. She will continue her training in the spring. Rogue is OFA certified Hips Good, and Elbows Normal, and CAER certified eyes Clear.


Police Dogs in the family: the extended pedigree above shows many working titles, but doesn’t always clearly show who the grit and grind dogs are. The ones who go out each day with their handlers, not knowing if they’ll see their next meal. We’re grateful to them, and their handlers.

PSD Tyr aka Hugo von der Leidenschaft ~ Tyr (Hugo) is Glock’s full brother, bred by us, owned and handled by Chad Malanowich of the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan PD.

PSD Tyr aka Hugo von der Leidenschaft

PSD Tyr aka Hugo von der Leidenschaft

DHP Gerry vom Klingsgarten ~ Gerry was Glock’s maternal uncle – bred, owned, and handled by Rolf Wassmuth. There are videos of Gerry available here!

DHP Falk vom Weseler Wald ~ Falk appears on both sides of this pedigree – owned, and handled by Rolf Wassmuth. More information about Falk is available here!