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Kora von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!

We are happy to announce that our love bug Kora is spoken for and will join her new family in the US later in June!

Still available to working homes only:


2-Year-Old Male For Sale

We have a 2-year-old male for sale, NON BREEDING only. Please email for more details.

A Spotlight on Kora von der Leidenschaft


Kora loves to play ball!


Retrieving a regulation weight IPO dumbbell.


Kora calmly returns with the dumbbell.


Kora holds the dumbbell for praise.


Kora comes in with the dumbbell.

I could always tell Kora from the rest because she would ALWAYS leave the food dish to come get some lovin’s. She was the most affectionate puppy of all. And while she’s still very affectionate, she’s also showing us some great drives and terrific confidence.



Photos below show her driving to, retrieving, and returning with the dumbbell!

Click on the links here to see video clips of
5 month old
Kora von der Leidenschaft.



Still available to the correct home. If you’re interested in more about Kora please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.

Kora doing puppy prey bite work.


Kora bite work with stick/whip.

Kaper von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!

We are excited to announce Ms. Kaper is spoken for and will go to her new home in Newfoundland in June. :)

Still available are:

Kwest von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!!

We are happy to announce that Ms. Kwest is spoken for. She will move to her new home in the US in June.

Still available are:

Kree von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!

Excited to announce that our beautiful Kree has been spoken for. She will move to her new home in the U.S. early in May.

We still have some beauties available. Leash training begins this week once the snow is off the training field.

Kacey von der Leidenschaft

This spirited girl has confidence galore! She’s funny, loving, and very busy, and she will need a family committed to keeping up to her. (Clicking on the photos produces larger images. Some shots are blurry, the nature of candid, moving puppy photos!) 😉

Kacey von der Leidenschaft

Kacey is a high energy pup with great ball and prey drives. She is sassy in attitude, but not mean or dominant. She’s athletic in build, and loves to engage her littermates in games of “keep-away”.



Kacey’s energy and enthusiasm is perfect for a competition home, be it agility, flyball, or the sport of IPO, this girl has amazing potential.

Kacey is a determined puppy, and will require a structured environment.Kacey pillow

Kacey is well behaved in our home, crate trained, and travels well in the vehicle.
If you’d like more information on Kacey, please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.


April 4, 2018

Life is still very busy at Leidenschaft Kennels, and as we’ve always done, we’re keeping our heads up and looking at the positives!

We’re excited to get back on the training field with our club members at The Sirius Working Dog Association. This last week of mild weather should have the field bare in days! We’ll have lots of extra hands on deck to begin leash work, prey bite work, and tracking with “the K-girls”. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have the extra time with these babies. We’re privileged to see their personalities develop as they mature.

Ron will be announcing very soon, his training locations and start dates for Level One obedience classes. We’re just waiting for Momma N and Old Man Winter to settle their annual battle before we set a firm date.

We’re looking forward to clearing health tests for another member of our pack to announce future breeding plans. As we’ve always done in the past, any matings we make now, and in the future, will be done in consultation with our veterinary team, and of course meet the recommendations by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals.

Stay tuned for more updates this month! :)

Khaos has left the building!

Happy to announce that our one remaining boy has found his forever home! <3
As of Thursday, March 28th, these puppies will be ready for shipping to the United States, as per their import laws.

Still Available are:

Kwest – female – dominant in the pack, independent natured. This pup is being reserved for a working home.

Kaper – female – busy, sassy, confident. This puppy will need an active and experienced home to keep her out of trouble! Kaper has enough attitude to be a great IPO/Schutzhund or other type of working environment.

Kacey – female – also busy, fun loving, and confident. This puppy will also need an active home. Kacey would make an awesome flyball or agility dog.

Kricket – female – a bit calmer than the three listed above. This puppy would make a great companion, but definitely has the confidence and energy to need some structured activity.

Kree – female – outgoing and friendly, Kree will make a great companion and competition dog. Kree has superior ball drive!

Kora – female – the love bug of the litter! Kora will be a great family companion, and still has plenty of confidence and energy to do structured activities.

To see photos, videos, and frequent updates on the litter, follow us on Instagram @leidenschaftkennels or join our K-litter Facebook group

Training Season 2018

Just around the corner, coming to a lot on the north side of Fredericton AND a lot in Oromocto, Ron will begin offering 6-week obedience courses for dogs 5 months and older. Hoping to get started early April 2018 as the weather cooperates. More details are being ironed out this week, so please stay tuned!

You can reach Ron directly, by email at or at (506) 260-2015. You can also keep up to date by following Ron’s Facebook page Ron Murray at Leidenschaft Kennels.

If your dog is making you crazy, it’s time to take advantage of Ron’s FORTY YEARS experience! (yes he’s THAT old!) 😉

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