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Our Amazing Giants!

Along with being amazing companion dogs for dozens of people over the years, Leidenschaft Giant Schnauzers have achieved distinction in many walks of life.
Many of our offspring have earned Schutzhund/IPO titles, many have topped the Flyball charts, with our kennel boasting 6 of the top 10 in North America! Several have become therapy dogs, visiting folks in the hospitals. One particular Giant, Chevy von der Leidenschaft, juggled an impressive Flyball career while being a mobility assistance dog to her owner. 

Of course I’d be lying if I denied our greatest pride is that our kennel busted past the GSD/Malinois mind set of most police organizations with Hugo von der Leidenschaft, AKA #psdtyr We owe his handler Chad a great deal, as he persisted both with the training and the campaigning for Tyr to be accepted. That said, NO dog becomes a police dog without courage and drives! 

Ron and I would like to thank the many current and past owners of our offspring for providing them with great homes, and flexing their special talents. We’ve had a few missteps over the years, but for the most part we’ve done well with matching the temperament of the puppies with the requirements of the homes.
We also thank Rolf Waßmuth for trusting us with his bloodlines! His is our foundation.

We are looking forward to providing great puppies from this litter and litters to come. A puppy is an open book where you get to write the story. 

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.

K-litter von der Leidenschaft at 10 days old.

November 2017 NEWS!!!

Well we just squeaked in to November… our K-LITTER has arrived! Born November 30, 2017, to Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 and Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH, 9 females and 2 males. See more details at Our Giant Schnauzers! Mom and 11 babes are doing amazing! Please check out our Facebook group to see the latest photos, videos, and updates. You can join us here: K-litter Facebook Group

Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH with our K-litter. 9 females, 2 males. Born November 30, 2017

Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH with our K-litter. 9 females, 2 males. Born November 30, 2017

October 2017 NEWS!!!

Well it’s been a busy month! We have new titles to announce!

Schnoopy vom Klingsgarten earned his BH – ‘Begleithund’ which is an obedience and temperament title – on October 8, 2017 at our fall club trial.

Jade von der Leidenschaft earned her BH on October 7, 2017 and her IPO1 on October 8, 2017 at the same trial. Her score for IPO1 was Tracking 93, Obedience 83, and Protection 89 with a TSB rating of ‘A’, which means “pronounced in courage” and quite suitable for breeding. :)

Glock von der Leidenschaft earned his IPO2 on October 7, 2017 with a score of 85, 85, 84, with TSB ‘A’, and he earned his IPO3 on October 8, 2017 with a score of 88, 83, 82, with TSB ‘A’ as well. Glock is 8 years old now and will retire from the sport to be a house hound…. AND (fingers crossed) a DADDY!!!

Yes, we’re quietly announcing the mating of Glock with Rogue vom Klingsgarten on Saturday, September 30, 2017. Thus, the reason you don’t see Rogue on the list of new titles.

Rogue has her BH, and is CAER “Normal” (eyes) and OFA Hips “Good” and OFA Elbows “Normal”.

Glock has his IPO3, and is CAER “Normal” (eyes) and OFA Hips “Good” and OFA Elbows “Normal”.

Both have excellent temperaments and working drives. Puppies from this combination will be suitable for active companion homes and preference will be given to performance homes. We are a working kennel; puppies are chosen by matching temperaments and drives to homes requiring the same. We do not choose our puppies based on “show” or “pet” qualities. For more details about this pair, visit our Giant Schnauzer page. 

The extended pedigree can be seen here:

Glock and Rogue 2017

Glock and Rogue 2017

May 2017 K-litter update


We are extremely disappointed to announce the K-litter is not “a thing”. :( Stay tuned for any further litter announcements.

March 2017 ~ What a difference a month can make!

We are very excited to announce that Jade von der Leidenschaft has been “mated” via Artificial Insemination to Niko vom Lindelbrunn (call name Ties) who lives in the Netherlands. His owner, Perry van Engelen, shares this detail: “Ties is a fully certified KNPV Police dog. He is the only Riesenschnauzer in the world who ever made this super heavy examination.”  You can see the details Here!

This has been a huge undertaking for us and we wish to thank Perry so very much for his prompt attention to the collection, shipment, and all the paperwork involved in such a process.

We would also like to thank the experts at Carnegy Animal Hospital for their care and support! Ron and Jade were well cared for this week!

Should we be blessed with puppies, the due date is May 23, 2017. We are expecting a smaller than average litter because of the one shot deal with AI. Preference will be given to performance homes.

If you are interested in a puppy from us, please head over to Our Giant Schnauzers and complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.

Stay tuned for updates! :)

February 2017

Well it’s been a busy year, so busy in fact, that I haven’t had time to update our website until now, when I’m procrastinating tax stuff!

A brief summary.

In March 2016, our new little boy Schnoopy vom Klingsgarten was born in Germany.

In April 2016, our club The Sirius Working Dog Association regrouped and started training, in what would be a fantastic season culminating in five new titles in Quebec in November.

In June 2016 we picked Schnoopy up from the Halifax airport, bringing our pack up to four again.








In July 2016 we took all four camping for a weekend in Quebec. Everyone traveled so well. :)

August, September, and October were a blur of constant training to be ready for trial in November!

In November 2016, our newly rebuilt club, traveled to Quebec with 7 dogs, and brought home 5 titles. Not too shabby after a three year absence from training for me and Ron, and other members being first timers!

The rest of the winter we have spent waiting for Jade to come into heat so we could produce our Winter litter. She teased us all for quite some time, but as of this writing, is not even close to a heat cycle. However, we have an excellent male firmly in place and as soon as she’s ready, we’ll be mating.

Looking forward to SPRING so we can get training again with our club. It’s going to be another busy year, but I’ll see if I can post a new update before a year’s time! 😉


February 2016

We are disappointed to announce that the K-litter we had hoped for today, did not materialize. It was a combination of bad weather and other life events that caused us to miss Jade’s peak fertility this time, but we’re planning for a natural mating for next time.

Under normal circumstances, we would expect Jade to be back in heat in June or July, however, our youngster, 9 month old Rogue vom Klingsgarten is currently having her first heat. This could cause Jade’s cycle to be affected and it’s possible she will come in sooner.

As with anything related to nature and breeding, it is a crap shoot! We will obviously post an update when we are planning our next litter.

December 2015 News!


Remembering our old boy at his last Christmas with us in 2014. Degen von der Leidenschaft RIP. The stuffed moose was his early Christmas present. <3


From our dog house to yours, Ron and I would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and a healthy and successful New Year!

We are happy to have our pack back together in time for the holidays. The past few weeks have been pretty stressful with Jade in heat and Glock losing his mind and going off his rations for a solid week!

However, we are pleased to announce that we have “mated” Jade von der Leidenschaft to Riesig Besserwisser (call name “Tenu”). Due to the unpredictable weather for travelling, and the seasonal embargoes for all the airlines, we had to settle for an artificial insemination using fresh chilled semen. We only got ONE shot at the deal as Jade passed her estrus cycle quickly. However, the vets are confident we should have a litter. We expect our K-litter on February 18, 2016. If you are interested in being considered for a puppy, please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire on Our Giant Schnauzers page.

November Brag

tyrfooddriveWhen our five year old ‘granddog’ Tyr (aka Hugo von der Leidenschaft) isn’t busy fighting crime in Saskatoon, SK, he’s helping raise money for his fellow critters. In this photo he’s helping the SPCA Halloween Food Drive.

He’s also supporting the 3rd annual Pucks For Paws fundraiser by bringing awareness to the event. See the 3 links below for video clips.

CTV News See Tyr at 27:58

Blades TV

FYI #psdtyr is Canada’s FIRST Giant Schnauzer police K9. We wish him many more years of safe service to his city and continued community pride.


RIP Degen von der Leidenschaft

bridgeThis past week, on August 4, 2015, Ron and I said our final goodbye to our very best friend. Degen passed away peacefully in my lap at our vet clinic. He held on to his ball until the very end, because that’s just the kind of dog he was.

With his mate Ghira vom Klingsgarten, Degen sired 5 beautiful litters of puppies for our kennel. His calm and loving demeanor is present in each and every puppy and many carry his amazing drives. We are proud that Degen also sired Canada’s FIRST Giant Schnauzer Police K9, from our H-litter, born in 2010. Regardless of what our puppies do for a living, they are all loving companions and we thank him for that.

Degen ‘worked’ hard in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO up until we retired him in 2012. He didn’t take kindly to being left behind while the other kids trained, but I would tell him he had an important job to do, protecting our home until we returned. Today I didn’t have to disappoint him, but I did have to lock the door.

He will be forever missed, not just by me and Ron, but his large fan base. He was the dog everyone wanted to take home.

We’ll meet again at the Bridge my friend. <3


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