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Kricket is SOLD!

And then there were none!
Happy/sad to report Kricket will leave for her forever home in the US early August.
Blue remains in our care until the fall when she can head to Bermuda.

Princess Zia is in the house!

Zia vom LindelbrunnFresh off the plane from Germany, Zia is our newest addition. She will begin her IPO training immediately, and upon successful completion of health tests, will join our breeding program. We are excited for this new addition, and grateful to Gerhard and Heide Funck for trusting us with one of their own. We hope you will follow Zia’s progress here, on Facebook, and on Working Dog.


Today I received two separate messages from two puppy owners. They reminded me, WHY we do what we do.

“They do it for the money,” say the ignorant and the haters. Yes, THAT’S IT! I think as I check my bank balance. It’s NOT very high. I’m happy if it’s not in the overdraft!

I tell people all the time, our kennel name “Leidenschaft” is the German word for PASSION, not bank account.

So what keeps us going through the failed AI matings, the false pregnancies, the silent heats, the 2-year-old stud-to-be who fails a health test and needs to be rehomed…

What keeps us going through the anxious moments of the first few days of a litter? Carefully checking weight gains, watching the little ones get time on a teat… What keeps us going when government regulations thwart us at every turn, and one airline’s rules are not the same as the next? What keeps us going when the haters hate, and the ignorant believe?

Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH with our K-litter. 9 females, 2 males. Born November 30, 2017

Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH with our K-litter. 9 females, 2 males. Born November 30, 2017

The Lovers! That’s what. The ones who message us with their new puppy’s first EVERYTHING! The ones who send us photos, and video clips, and private messages that say: “Sorry to gush so much, but really we’re over the moon!” To which I immediately replied, “Gush away! It helps us through those sleepless nights.”

We are breeders, and as such, we appreciate the breeders who entrust us with THEIR offspring. We do our best with their puppies, nurturing them, training them, bringing them up in a happy, healthy environment, so that they may go on to be the parents of the next generations of Leidenschaft puppies.

It’s not easy, it’s not cheap; sometimes it’s downright heartbreaking. So here’s to the Lovers. You know who you are, and you are deeply appreciated.

Kacey von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!

We are happy to announce that our Krazy Kacey is sold and placed in her new home in the U.S. We wish her and her new owner years of success!

Still available to a working home only:


A Spotlight on Kricket von der Leidenschaft!

Kricket started out as a “sleeper” puppy. We didn’t quite know how to classify her. Well she is now showing us she has WORKING DRIVES! She is thorough in tracking, confident in obedience and agility, and FIERCE in her bitework!
Kricket has a lean athletic build which will suit any type of sport or working application. kricketforweb
She is available to an experience working/sport home only. You can see more photos and details about Kricket at her profile on Working Dog! Click the link below.


Kricket’s profile on Working Dog

Kora von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!

We are happy to announce that our love bug Kora is spoken for and will join her new family in the US later in June!

Still available to working homes only:


2-Year-Old Male For Sale

We have a 2-year-old male for sale, NON BREEDING only. Please email for more details.

A Spotlight on Kora von der Leidenschaft


Kora loves to play ball!


Retrieving a regulation weight IPO dumbbell.


Kora calmly returns with the dumbbell.


Kora holds the dumbbell for praise.


Kora comes in with the dumbbell.

I could always tell Kora from the rest because she would ALWAYS leave the food dish to come get some lovin’s. She was the most affectionate puppy of all. And while she’s still very affectionate, she’s also showing us some great drives and terrific confidence.



Photos below show her driving to, retrieving, and returning with the dumbbell!

Click on the links here to see video clips of
5 month old
Kora von der Leidenschaft.



Still available to the correct home. If you’re interested in more about Kora please complete our Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire.

Kora doing puppy prey bite work.


Kora bite work with stick/whip.

Kaper von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!

We are excited to announce Ms. Kaper is spoken for and will go to her new home in Newfoundland in June. :)

Still available are:

Kwest von der Leidenschaft is SOLD!!

We are happy to announce that Ms. Kwest is spoken for. She will move to her new home in the US in June.

Still available are:

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