Happy New Year!

It’s beenL-litter wide collars a busy start to 2019 with 13 precious babes to care for. Mom and the L-litter kids are doing amazing! Pups have been moved to a larger area with more room to play and grow. The weaning process is well under way with Rogue giving comfort suckles a few times per day.

Personalities are beginning to emerge and each day reveals a new marvel. This evening I was enjoying (?) a vigorous bare arm bite with strong prey shake by the smallest pup in the litter! I never get tired of watching these amazing little creatures show their amazing bloodlines.

We do still have a few pups available to approved homes. They are ready after February 2, 2019. As always, our puppies remain with us, train and socialize with us, until the best home is secured for each and every puppy. We do not rush our babies out the door.

Inquiries can be made via our Facebook page or email: ourpassion@leidenschaftkennels.ca