January 2019 News!

Hello all! It’s been a stormy week here in New Brunswick and it’s had me looking to refresh our website banner in my “free” time! (as if!) lol

After cursing a few different collage makers today, I turned to Facebook and lo and behold, my friend has a sister in graphic arts! So I quickly ran through a bazillion dog photos (yes, that’s fairly accurate!) and sent off my favourite eleven.

Thanks so much to Sonya DeCesaris for putting together, in a matter of minutes, that which I failed to produce in hours.

The original banner was created to honour our beloved Degen von der Leidenschaft VPG3.


He was an amazing ambassador of the breed, and produced puppies with strong nerve, stable temperament, and incredible drives. He and his mate Ghira vom Klingsgarten IPO3 are featured in the centre of the new banner with paw prints around them.

With our kennel going “Natural” i.e. no longer docking/cropping/dewclaws we felt the need to update the banner to reflect our new look and our new imports.

new banner

The top row left to right features our 3 y/o German import Rogue vom Klingsgarten BH with her newborn litter, exactly below her photo is our Hugo von der Leidenschaft aka PSD Tyr, recently retired from Saskatoon Police Department. Peeking around the post of the steps is our first German import of 2018, Zia vom Lindelbrunn. Diving in to the water is our 9 y/o Glock von der Leidenschaft IPO3 as a 2 year old. Next is Ron with Glock at a training seminar in 2016. Finally in the top row is our newest German import, Zeus vom Goldbergsee.

In the bottom row is Ron doing puppy prey drive with Zia. The inset with the paw prints is Degen and Ghira. Next is our Jade von der Leidenschaft IPO1 with her nose deep in to tracking. Finally our Rogue doing a victory lap with the sleeve.

Our kennel name is the German word for Passion. We breed these dogs because they ARE our passion, and we breed them to HAVE passion. We do our very best to produce healthy offspring with strong drives, stable nerve, correct conformation, and amazing temperament suitable for every walk of life.

Currently the L-litter is 6 weeks old and in the coming week we will begin the selection process for the homes we have already approved. We are still accepting applications for some puppies. We are fussy. We will keep them before selling them to just anyone. And don’t consider yourself ruled out if you “just want a pet.” We like pets too.

If you’d like to be considered for a L-litter puppy, please do complete our questionnaire. We’d like to get to know you so we can choose the best possible mate for you.

I guess there’s something to be said for storm days… you get a website update! 😉

If you’d like Sonya to do some graphic arts work for you, you can find her on Instagram @sonyadecesaris