June 2019 News!

And POOF! Just like that the L-litter is SOLD!

We are excited for Lazer, as his new people live right next door to his sister Leia in Nova Scotia! The two are already sharing adventures. <3

Loca is SOLD, but she will stay with us for a few more weeks before moving to West Virginia where she will train with Tracy Landis and Jennifer Gilzow in TWO protection sports! IGP (commonly known as Schutzhund) and the sport of PSA (Protection Sports Association). She’s going to be a super busy girl!

Ron and I would like to thank everyone who has helped raise these crazy kids, especially those who filled in when I was down with a broken ankle!

We are grateful to the families who welcomed each of the 13 L-puppies in to their homes and hearts. We wish everyone the very best.

We are making plans for our M-litter, but will hold off any announcements until later this year.