The Sirius Working Dog Association



Since 2003, Ron and Tammy Murray have maintained their club; The Sirius Working Dog Association. This club is a member of the DVG; an all breed (including mixed breeds) organization promoting the sport of IPO (commonly known as Schutzhund).


Tammy Murray – Founding Member 2003, President, Secretary, Treasurer
Training with two Giant Schnauzers: Jade von der Leidenschaft & Schnoopy vom Klingsgarten.

Ron Murray – Founding Member 2003, Vice President, Training Director
Training with two Giant Schnauzers: Glock von der Leidenschaft VPGA & Rogue vom Klingsgarten.

Alyssa Lanyi – Joined May 2016
Training with her Golden Retriever, Lexi Lanyi & her Dobermann Panzer (Lanyi)

Amanda Dyke – Member in 2010, rejoined July 2016
Training with her two German Shepherd Dogs: Sniper (Dyke) and Gonzo vom Kleinenberg

Dan Parker – Joined July 2016
Training with his Malinois: Raven (Parker)

Tracey Shields – Joined July 2016
Training with her Dobermann: Dobereich’s Courageous Spirit (Molly)



Degen von der Leidenschaft retrieving over the high jump. August 2012.

For up to date information, please visit our Facebook page: The Sirius Working Dog Association

Upcoming Events:

September 25, 2016: Benoît Maye Seminar
This is a club event, spectators welcome. Please contact us for details.

October 2, 2016: Mock Trial
This is a practice trial event for our club. We NEED extra people for this day. Please contact us for details.

November 13, 2016: Our club is off to trial in Quebec! See details here: DVG Quebec Fall 2016 Trial


Benoît Maye works Jade von der Leidenschaft on a bungee tie-out at DVG Quebec. July 2016.