A Great Adventure with the K-kids!

Puppies are a LOT of work, and 10 puppies are TEN TIMES the work! But, if we’re to put quality working dogs out in the world, the work has to be done. They need constant stimuli and confidence building experiences.

We are blessed to own 13.5 acres of private land with our home at one end, and a beautiful forest with a blazed trail up to our 2 acre groomed training field at the other end. The only thing missing is a building for all season training! Perhaps, one day.

K-kids heading back to the woods after their adventure at the training field.

K-kids heading back to the woods after their adventure at the training field.

Today was a milder than normal day for us in NB, so a perfect opportunity to get the pack (minus Blue Boy aka Knox) for a long stretch of their legs. Dad led the pack while I brought up the rear, having to retrieve stragglers multiple times. Once we got to the field everyone had a good run. We made our way to the top of the field where the obstacle course is, and the pack checked out multiple tunnels, a low beam, the A-frame, and a game of “chase me, I’ve stolen a pylon.”

Some of these “kids” are already spoken for; we’re holding some for new owner scheduling, one for import regulations, and others we’re just TRYING to figure out shipping arrangements. GAH!!! Airlines, could you help a breeder out some? :(

However, the puppies who remain yet to be spoken for, need the work if they’re to be good dogs rather than problems. This is why our prices go UP, not down the longer they’re with us. You will get a quality puppy with exposure to lots of positive experiences and people.

A link to the album with photos and videos of today’s GREAT ADVENTURE is HERE! Please share with people who love puppies, working dogs, dogs in general. :) Thanks!