March 2018

While Momma N and Old Man Winter wage great battles this month, Ron and I are still very busy with our pack! The K-litter Kids are 14 weeks old now and are growing and learning every day. They are all sleeping in crates through the night and sharing time in the house with Bermuda Blue! They are learning to go up and down stairs, watching hockey on TV, chewing and sharing bones and toys, and snippets of dumbbell training and of course, prey bite work.

Health wise, everyone is doing great! They’ve had their second course of vaccinations plus rabies and bordatella. They are ready to ship now other than to the US, we won’t be able to ship until March 28 as per their import regulations.

We are excited to announce that Khira von der Leidenschaft is in her forever home now, and will be staying local, and training with our IPO club, The Sirius Working Dog Association!  

As of March 11, 2018 we still have 6 females and 1 male available. Waiting for their forever homes are:

Khaos – male – busy, confident, loves to bite, would suit experienced companion home but would love to see this boy in IPO/Schutzhund or something of the like.

Kwest – female – dominant in the pack, independent natured. This pup is being reserved for a working home.

Kaper – female – busy, sassy, confident. This puppy will need an active and experienced home to keep her out of trouble! Kaper has enough attitude to be a great IPO/Schutzhund or other type of working environment.

Kacey – female – also busy, fun loving, and confident. This puppy will also need an active home. Kacey would make an awesome flyball or agility dog.

Kricket – female – a bit calmer than the three listed above. This puppy would make a great companion, but definitely has the confidence and energy to need some structured activity.

Kree – female – outgoing and friendly, Kree will make a great companion and competition dog.

Kora – female – the love bug of the litter! Kora will be a great family companion, and still has plenty of confidence and energy to do structured activities.

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