Updated January 31, 2018. The K-Litter Kids are 8 weeks old and READY for their new forever homes!

The “kids” are eight weeks old today, and in fact, we’ve already kicked Blue Boy aka Knox “to the kurb”! 😉 He was picked up today to go live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and potentially be the next Giant Schnauzer police dog in Canada.

Below are photos taken today, with weights taken at Monday’s vet visit. They received their first vaccinations as well as their permanent microchip implants. Everyone got a perfect check up, with excellent scissor bites, beautiful joint range of motion, perfect heart and lung sounds, and all bits and pieces in the right places i.e. the boys’ testicles are present! 😉

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Purple Boy is now available, as well we still have several girls. If you’re interested in a puppy from this litter, please complete our online Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire. We are still deciding on placement of the various females, so will be updating this page as those determinations are made.

***Please note that our “kids” do not get discounted the longer we have them, in fact their price goes up after 12 weeks due to the additional costs of vetting and feeding, as well as the extra training and socializing they receive.***


Purple Girl ~ Now named Kacey ~Still available


Weight: 4.71 kg ~ 10.4 lbs

Attitude: Purple Girl remains a sassy lass! Lots of confidence, quick to bite anything offered. Will suit an experienced, active, companion home or is definitely up for any sport/activity/working venture you can dream up!


**SOLD** Blue Girl ~ Now named Kahlua, call name Blue.
Blue is eventually going to live in Bermuda, but due to their import laws, she will remain with us and begin training in IPO until her new humans pick her up in October.



Weight: 5.15 kg ~ 11.3 lbs

Attitude: FIERCE! Blue Girl remains a dominant “bitch” (both literally and figuratively) in the litter. She is always latched on with her teeth, and loses it on any other pup who interferes. She is being considered for a working home pending final arrangements.


Green Girl – Now named Kaper ~ Still available



Weight: 4.5 kg ~ 10 lbs

Attitude: Green Girl/ Kaper (name not set in stone YET!) is a fun loving girl who would suit a multi-dog home easily. Every time she goes out the door she runs to greet her Momma, Daddy, Aunt, and Uncle. She spends a good 5 minutes visiting with them in their kennels before she follows her siblings in to the adventures of the day. She is loving, and adventurous, but busy and will need to be doing something structured. FYI, the vet says her Krooked tail causes her no discomfort at all. :)


Red Girl ~ Name being considered. Still available.



Weight: 4.72 kg ~ 10.4 lbs

Attitude: Red Girl continues to be a confident, busy, and loving pup. She is outgoing, without the “asstitude” of some of her more dominant siblings. She loves adventure but given her more amenable temperament, could suit either a companion or performance home.


**SOLD** Orange Girl – Now named Kaia. Kaia will be heading to the west coast March 1st.



Weight 4.92 kg ~ 10.8 lbs

Attitude: Orange is a love bug. She’s confident and outgoing, but without the sass and dominant nature of some of her litter mates, in other words, calm. She will suit a companion home, performance home, or perhaps with the right handler, a therapy dog.


Purple Boy ~ Now named Khaos. Still available.  



Weight: 3.95 kg ~ 8.7 lbs

Attitude: Purple Boy is loving and affectionate, with lots of great drives! Smaller than his litter mates, but he doesn’t take back seat to anyone. He is now available, and would suit an active companion home, or performance home.


Pink Girl ~ Name being considered. Still available.



Weight: 4.83 kg ~ 10.6 lbs

Attitude: Pink Girl is GETTING one! She’s becoming far more dominant in her litter as they age. She is also showing a bit of an independent nature; exploring more on her own. She will do best with an experienced handler and some structured activity.


Yellow Girl ~ Name being considered, still available.



Weight: 5.65 kg ~ 12.4 lbs

Attitude: Yellow is being considered one of the BIG Three with attitude. She’s a larger female with dominance in the litter. She likes to be latched on to your leg, or other body parts, at any given time. This girl should definitely have a “job” to do.


**SOLD** Blue Boy – Now named Knox. Knox is being trained in K9 crime fighting with hopes of following his uncle #PSDTyr in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Police Dog Services.



Weight: 5.29 kg ~ 11.6 lbs

Attitude: Blue Boy is confident and outgoing, and will potentially be the 2nd Giant Schnauzer police dog in Canada under the tutelage of his uncle #PSDTyr in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Knox left the nest tonight, and is hopefully boarding soon for his flight with his new human. Safe Travels.


Black Girl ~ Name being considered, still available.



Weight: 5.52 kg ~ 12.1 lbs

Attitude: #Trouble #asstitude This girl needs a JOB! Almost sent her home with Knox to be Tyr’s new roomie! 😉 This girl requires an experienced working home.


White Girl ~ Name being considered, still available.



Weight: 5.98 kg ~ 13.2 lbs

Attitude: Still the largest of the litter, White Girl is confident and outgoing, and while she’ll assert herself when she needs to, is not as in your face snotty as Blue and Black. She will do best in an experienced home where there is a job to do.